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This site is dedicated to providing you with information about the downloadable ebook.

Since applying the techniques and knowledge in this book, countless friends are figuring out how to set up a blog, how to maintain readership and how to make their blogs grow.

I truly believe, however, your strenth in blogging is overcoming obstacles. It's taking a chance at something new and unknown. It's having fun and creating. Believe it or not, starting a blog can actually help you become a better person.

Some people ask me what a blog means. It's an online journal. Think of it as a diary that you can share. People are using their blogs to share recipes, write about their travel stories, write about their lives, show off their talents, whatever they may be.

In short, a blog is a place where you can use your imagination to show off your kids, your business, your life or service. And they are free. Completely.

Personal Requirements before downloading book. Buyers should ask themselves:

~ Do I have a product or service I'd like to advertise for free?
~ Am I willing to take a chance?
~ Am I willing to learn?
~ Am I willing to share?
~ Do I want to learn how to blog?
~ Do I want to earn money on line without spending a cent?

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My Zero to Blog ebook buyers are saying:

Hi Jules. Sending positive energy to you there in Italy.
You have been such a good friend and great mentor! Kaitlen Green

Dear Jules,
I am so excited I am one of your winners, Thank you so much for this gift! I cant wait to read through it, so many possibilities! Much appreciation and love,
xxx Heather Smart

Dear Jules,
Since starting a blog 3 days ago, I have already had 240 new visitors. Thanks for showing me how to show off my artwork. Had I known it was so easy, I would have started months ago. Thank you so much. Joy Mitchell

A downloadable ebook means, you pay for the book and you get the book immediately to read on your computer screen NOW - no waiting for the mail, no trips to the store.

"I got my press info back from my marketing department. Thanks guys, you did a great job." Julie
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Zero to Blog is a book full of beautiful images and stories that will help make your blogging dreams come true ~ starting now.

♥ Downloading a digitial ebook saves money on paper because there is no need to print it, unless you absolutely must.

♥ Downloading a digitial ebook saves money on gas because there is no need to pop out and pick it up.

♥ Downloading a digitial ebook saves time because you are a busy person and haven’t got all day to be bothered to run out and pick up the latest information.

♥ Downloading a digitial ebook saves you even more time because it gives you all the steps to get your business online immediately, all questions answered ~ or your money back.

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It’s inspiring, it makes you laugh, it makes you smile. It’s inspi-laugh-a-mile.

What is Zero to Blog?

It’s a quick read guide that will answer all of your questions about starting a blog and building it to be huge all in one place. You are guaranteed to love it. 100% money back guarantee.

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Why is it absolutely essential that I buy this book today?

Because it is going to get you started today on following your dreams to get your thoughts, product or service available online today. You CANNOT afford to wait.

How can I get traffic on my blog? What if I already have a blog?

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No worries. Zero to Blog is will has loads of information just for you on how to increase traffic, how to maintain readership and how to make your blog grow into everything you have ever wanted.

i ♥ my readers!

If this downloadable ebook was a hotel, it would be 5 stars.
Luis Hay

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I think your book really helps budge people off their bums and get to it!! M.T.

I’m glad you liked it. I love my book. I have seen such positive feedback from people who read it. More than the message of getting the blog jamming, I hope I got across some enthusiasm and a spirit of being able to overcome obstacles. Go girl! I’m looking forward to seeing your updated blog. Send me a link.

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Maribel Sands - Well that’s exactly what I meant! You do encourage people and help them overcome their fears / obstacles. Mentioning that the blog world out there is full of helperis not only true but very encouraging.

My changes will take a bit because I still have to figure out how to revolutionize it. I would also like to know how quickly I have to move my dot com to wordpress. but will get to it asap!

I will keep you and the world posted! thanks for your encouragement!

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

I just read your book, smiling through it all. It’s the amazing charisma that only you can display that runs through your words, giving them energy and will. Jeff R

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I am sitting here thumbing through it quickly just to get an overview of it, and then I want to sit down and thoroughly digest it!

First off, the layout and colors are beautiful! I love all the soft,

pastel colors that you chose for the photos. I like the logo “julie’s blog” on it. Visually, it’s awesome. The information is great! You are like the coolest girl ever.

Lisa Halstrom


Hi Julie,

I’ve read most of your book. You did fabulous. I LOVE the way you present the photos and how you mix in personal stories with blogging information. Instead of a “dry” how to blogging book, it showcases your personality, your photographic skills and your love of blogging. Great job.

Barbara, Blogging without a Blog


I cannot wait to read it. Thank you so much. You have helped me beyond belief. ! Rose O.


What you get – here are the chapters.

Zero to Blog – Ciao!

Chapter 1 ~ Blueprint for Success

Chapter 3 ~ Making a Decision, Change Your Life

Chapter 4 ~ Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Chapter 5 ~ Overcoming Fears and a Big Dose of Faith

Chapter 6 ~ How to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Chapter 7 ~ Trust a Professional, Find a Mentor

Chapter 8 ~ Success Story

Chapter 9 ~ Making Money on the Internet

Chapter 10~ What Having a Blog Offers You

Chapter 11 ~ Adding Extra Value

Summary ~ Simple Steps to Getting Your Blog On Line Today

About the Author


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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.